One producer, one chef [Episode 1] Eric Jacquier and Yoann 4

One producer, one chef [Episode 1] Eric Jacquier and Yoann

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The MICHELIN Guide dedicates a series of videos to the bond between a producer and a chef. For the first episode, we went to meet Eric Jacquier, fisherman on Lake Geneva, with chef Yoann Conte (Restaurant Yoann Conte, Annecy).

From the first second, their complicity is obvious. The hug is frank, the respect is almost palpable. For many years Éric Jacquier has delivered treasures of Lake Geneva to chef Yoann Conte : fera, perch, arctic char, “noble” or more common fish. Heir to a long tradition – in the family, the love of fishing has been handed down from father to son for several centuries –, Éric Jacquier agrees to work with a chef under one condition: that they come fishing with him on the lake. Soak up this job, with its schedules and constraints, and understand that fishing is not an exact science. His message is clear: the chefs must adapt their menu to what nature has to offer! Message received loud and clear by Yoann Conte, who in the kitchen strives to respect the lake’s fish and lets it express all its potential.

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