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G*Astronomy Series

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The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Maydān, a Middle Eastern culinary town square in Washington DC.

Part 5 of the MICHELIN x Starward G*Astronomy Series profiles Maydān, the Michelin-one-star restaurant of Sicilian-Lebanese restaurateur, Rose Previte.

Tucked away in an alley in DC’s U Street neighborhood, walking into Maydān is like stumbling upon a hidden town square. The roaring hearth is the centerpiece of the restaurant, around it, the sensory draw and spirit of a Moroccan souk bring guests together for a nightly celebration.

Rose and her team, Darnell Thomas, and Drew Hairston, discuss the inspiration behind Maydān, which was conceived on a three-week journey through Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Georgia, and Lebanon. In this video, they present Grilled Butterflied Bronzini, Shatta, Cumin, Citrus; and Hearth Roasted Cabbage, Baharat Spice, Turmeric Keshk, Barberries; paired with two cocktails: Starward Whisky Sumac Lemonade; and The Ottoman Old Fashioned made with Starward Whisky.



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